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Sarteks doo is a small trade chain specialized for production and sale of all kinds of textiles. We started with work on 13th of December, 2012 and gained rich experience in textile branch which these times is in unenviable position, but this does not discourage us, on contrary, it encourages further development in this  business.


At the moment we have 17 highly professional employees which by its cordiality are meeting every customers needs. We have a 2.000 m2 retail warehouse space. Forefront of our company is Mr. Stanislav Zovko.


In our shops you can find:

  • Linen (wide assortment of various brands and different designs with dimensions for double bed, one person and children's program)Cushions (highly quality pillows made of natural materials rubber, cotton and fluff)

  • Curtain

  • Quilts (wide assortment of well-known designers in various colours and dimensions)

  • Shaq

  • Carpets

  • Blankets

  • Down blankets (great selection from a wide range of colours and patterns)

  • Covers for TDF and truckle (domestic production – the result of work and innovation of our employees)

  • Cushion

  • Towels (various colors, dimensions and packaging of only quality materials)

  • Towels (various colors, dimensions and packaging of only quality materials)

  • Tablecloth (wide assortment of tablecloth and runner high-quality materials)

  • Pillow case

  • Vessels

  • Dishcloth (colorful range of different shapes and patterns)

  • Holder curtains

  • Medical sheet (medical impermeable sheet, highly quality, simple setup, available in various sizes)

  • Besides own production we perform container import of canvas (crepe, damast, microfiber, cotton canvas) in various colors and dimensions.


  • Besides the above mentioned activities, SARTEKS d.o.o. is the main representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina of renowed Indian company, engaged in the production of all types of routes (handicrafts), and also the distributor for the Balkan.